SQLogo 6OX

E-Performance & Gravity

A combination of ERGOLUX® and ERGOWAVE®.
The new saddle 6OX combines the advantages
of the successful saddle models ERGOWAVE® and ERGOLUX®.



sqlab.6OX Anzeigenmotiv




Reliable, Enjoyable & Tough.

THE 60X.

Whether all mountain, DH, freeride or on tour – you can rely on it.
It causes neither stress nor pressure. It’s there when you need it and follows your every move.
Even when things go bad, it doesn’t bite.
6OX forgives all.

                           Perfect Fit

 sqlab.6OX Passform 1
The correct width saddle is a prerequisite
for maximum performance.
Available widths:
13 cm, 14 cm, 15 cm, 16 cm
sqlab.6OX Passform 2

- Kevlar-reinforced sides

- Tough upper material

- Grip material for additional grip toward the back

sqlab.6OX WenigerDruck EN
The proven, outstanding SQlab staged saddle
shape with the saddle nose that dips belowlevel
also provides more freedom for the 6OX
and less pressure, equally so for men and for


sqlab.6OX Druck


The pressure mapping diagram shows an
optimal pressure distribution from a medical
stand point on the sitbones and pubic bones
and almost no pressure in the perineal area.


sqlab.6OX PerfekterHalt




The SQlab saddle shape with the raised steat surface is already perfectly suited for riding uphill and also provides greater performance to the pedals on level surfaces. Additionally, a special non-slip logo design ensures even more grip toward the back.













The grip material on the raised stage provides additional hold toward the back.









Proven SQlab 6OX active saddle technology
provides increased efficiency for pedaling,
as well as more comfort and less stress on
intervertebral discs.
sqlab.6OX RueckenfreundlichMain

                                   sqlab.6OX softsqlab.6OX mediumsqlab.6OX hard


                                                         soft                                                     medium                                                    hard



 SQlab Sattel Vergleich EN




SQLogo 6OX


Never alone...

sqlab.6OX NeverAlone

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