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⯆ How to find the correct saddle model?
There are several factors to consider when choosing the right saddle model. The type of bicycle, the intended use, the adjusted sitting position, the individual anatomy, the distance between the seat bones, the mileage and the personal comfort requirement are important factors when choosing a saddle.
All SQlab saddle models are available in up to four different widths. This guarantees that your sit bones lie fully flat on the saddle. 

⯆ How and where can the sit bone distance be measured?

 If a saddle is too narrow then it presses exactly in the spots where it shouldn’t. Back in 2002, SQlab was the first saddle  manufacturer to introduce a system to measure the distance between the sit bones and to calculate the optimal saddle width.  As a result, all SQlab saddle models are available in up to four different widths. This guarantees that your sitting bones lie completely flat on the saddle.

We recommend the measurement of the sit bone and the purchase of ergonomic products in specialist shops. Our dealers are trained and have a lot of experience in ergonomics.

⯆ How to determine the correct saddle width?

Distance between sitting bones in cm + value of sitting position in cm = saddle width 

The sitbone and pubic bones both come together from their widest points in a “V” shape. This means the more dynamic the riding position, the narrower the saddle is allowed to, and should be. Already in 2002 we developed a simple equation which uses the distance of the sitbone tips in dependence of the riding positing to calculate the perfect saddle width.

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⯆ My sitting bone distance is between two figures. What should I do?

In this case, we always round up the sit bone distance. The measured sit bone distance + the respective value for the sitting position gives the minimum measurement for the saddle width.
To ensure that the sit bones are fully supported, the saddle should be slightly wider rather than too narrow. This prevents the sit bones from "slipping" on the sides of the saddle and causing unnecessary friction.

⯆ What is my sitting position?

Value to be added +0cm - Triathlon / time trial bike

Value to be added +1cm - saddle cant significantly more than 5cm (mainly road bike lower handlebars)

Value to be added +2cm - saddle height equal to handlebar height up to 5cm cant (MTB / mainly road bike upper handlebars)

Value to be added +3cm - handlebars higher than saddle (trekking bike / enduro)

Value to be added +4cm - upright sitting position -> reference to "special rule 621"
⯆ Why do I have pain when cycling with my new SQlab saddle?

When riding with a SQlab saddle for the first time, we recommend a short break-in phase of three to four shorter tours with a maximum riding time of one hour. 

You are welcome to take a break of one or two days between rides to allow the sit bones to regenerate. 

After this period of acclimatization and taking into account the correct fitting and adjustment of the saddle, you should be able to cycle without any discomfort. 
⯆ What is the effective usable saddle width?

The saddle width is always the effectively usable seat surface, i.e. where the sit bones can actually rest, not the total width. With all SQlab saddles, the usable area is used to the maximum and as little width as possible is wasted due to excessive curvature. 

⯆ What is the SQlab step saddle concept?

All our saddles are based on the step saddle concept. The saddle nose, which is lower in level, relieves the sensitive areas of men and women. The differences in anatomy are covered by the different widths. SQlab step saddles are available for all applications and for all widths.

⯆ What is the difference between ERGOWAVE®, ERGOLUX® and M-D?

All SQlab saddles are designed according to the stepped saddle system. The ERGOWAVE®, ERGOLUX® and M-D concepts differ mainly in the shape of these steps and the corresponding level of comfort and relief.

The ERGOWAVE® shape was developed for a sporty riding position and has a wave-like double step and a slight dip for relief, as well as a sporty rear for more rearward support and more efficient power transmission.

The ERGOLUX® shape is the comfort version of the ERGOWAVE® shape with an enlarged support surface for the ischial branches as well as a more pronounced step and enlarged dip for greater relief. A raised rear end also provides rearward support and more efficient power transmission.

The M-D shape was developed for a maximized dip and the greatest possible relief. It has only one, even more accentuated step to enable maximum relief. M-D saddles are also approved for a higher rider weight of up to 150 kg. These models are particularly recommended for people with health problems in the seating area (e.g. coccyx, prostate, pubic arch)
We at SQlab are essentially ergonomics consultants and manufacture products on the basis of studies according to anatomical aspects.
If you have health problems, you should always consult the appropriate specialist.

All our saddles have been specially designed for the respective area of use and therefore differ in shape and construction, even if the respective stepped saddle concept serves as the basis.

⯆ What is the SQlab active saddle technology?

The SQlab active saddle technology enables a physiological movement of the pelvis, thus ensuring a round step which can relieve the strain on intervertebral discs and facet joints. This can contribute to fatigue-free driving and the prevention of complaints in the lower lumbar spine area.

⯆ How to adjust the saddle correctly?

In the basic assembly we recommend to adjust the saddle with the seat in the scale so that the relief step to the nose is correctly recognizable. It is also advisable to push the saddle in the saddle clamp forwards towards the stem. This ensures that the sit bones lie in the intended area. After the first test ride, the saddle can be adjusted both in the saddle offset and in the inclination, taking into account the knee pilot and the technical specifications.
Adjustment advice 

⯆ How do you know a bike saddle is too wide or too narrow?

When a saddle is too narrow, the pressure shifts from the sitbones to the perineal area. This results in feelings of numbness and pain in the sitbones.

When a saddle is too wide, the nerves in the thigh area are at risk of being compressed which makes for reduced blood flow. This is often expressed in tingling/numb feet.

Back in 2002, SQlab was the first saddle manufacturer to introduce a system to measure the distance between the sit bones and to calculate the optimal saddle width. This guarantees that your sitting bones lie completely flat on the saddle. This is the only way to relieve pressure to the sensitive areas in both men’s and women’s bodies that are affected by hard saddles. > Measure your sit bones 

⯆ Are SQlab saddles designed for a specific rider weight?

Our saddle models are designed for ergonomic performance and are therefore, depending on the saddle model, only able to perform the ergonomic function up to a certain rider weight.

The saddles are carefully designed and are regularly subjected to various load tests and usually significantly exceed the standards. The weight specification serves as orientation and specification and we are obliged to point out that an additional load on the saddle, related to the body weight, can lead to the failure of the components (struts, shell, seat post). For this reason, the use of the saddle outside our specifications is at your own risk and responsibility. 


⯆ Which grip size do I need and how can I determine it?

Our grips are available in two to three different sizes (diameter/grip circumference). With the help of our developed grip width template the grip width is determined and thus the correct grip size is determined. 

The measurement can take place at our local dealers who have our grips in their program.


If you cannot find a dealer in your area, you have the option of determining the grip width at home. Please make sure that you print the PDF in the correct format so that errors can be avoided.



⯆ Which insoles are needed for optimal support?

Based on the foot type determination and thus according to the different foot types and the special requirements when cycling, we have developed insoles in three different forms, which support the respective weak points of the foot.

The measurement can take place at our stationary specialized trade which has our soles in the program.
Dealer locator 

You already know what type of foot you have? Then you can find the right choice of insole in the following PDF. 


⯆ Where can I get personal advice on SQlab products?

If you prefer a personal consultation on site, we recommend a visit to one of our trade fairs or events.

Deal locator
Fairs and events 

Ideally, you should bring your bicycle with you to a stationary specialist shop so that the advice can be individually adapted to the geometry of the bicycle and its personal characteristics.

You are also welcome to contact our SQlab customer service:  
E-mail: [email protected] Phone: +49 89 66610460
We try to help you in the best possible way with your request and are happy to advise you. 

⯆ Where is the next SQlab dealer?

On our homepage you can search for a dealer in your area by entering your postcode or town (also possible internationally). The dealers are trained by us and can support you with advice on all aspects of cycling ergonomics.

Please note that the product range is different for each dealer. Also the possibility of a test phase as well as conditions, can differ. If you are looking for something specific, we recommend that you contact your dealer in advance. 
Dealer locator 

⯆ How long can I test SQlab products?

When ordering saddles, handles and inner barends in our online shop, we offer a longer, more extensive test possibility of up to 30 days from the date of invoice. We are convinced of our products. Therefore we also take back assembled and unpacked goods with traces of use in the mentioned period. You will get a full refund of the purchase price. 

The test phase of SQlab products in the stationary specialized trade must be clarified in advance with the dealer, since he has his own conditions. If you have any questions about saddle models or other products during the test phase, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

⯆ Which articles can be tested?

The test phase in the online shop refers exclusively to saddles, handles and inner bar ends. All other products are excluded from this test for various reasons. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

⯆ Why is a trial period useful? Why do I need to get used to the products?

SQlab products are designed to allow an ergonomic riding style. This requires correct fitting and adjustment to the most comfortable personal position. This adjustment may take several rides.


When riding with an SQlab saddle for the first time, we recommend a short familiarization phase of three to four short rides with a maximum riding time of one hour.
This will allow your sit bones to adjust.

We recommend to take a day or two off between rides to allow the sit bones to regenerate, if necessary.

After this period of acclimatization, and with proper saddle fitting and adjustment, you should be able to ride without discomfort.

⯆ How long can I claim a warranty?

For all our products the legal 24 months warranty applies. In addition, as a customer you have the possibility to extend your warranty free of charge to 36 months by registering your purchased SQlab product (specialized trade, SQlab online shop or mail order trade) on our website. Both the warranty and the warranty extension are only valid within Germany.

⯆ What is the Crash Replacement Program?
For irreparable damage to your SQlab product caused by a fall, we offer a 50% discount on the purchase of a new SQlab replacement product. Prerequisite for this is the registration of your SQlab product in our Crash Replacement Program (free of charge). 
Crash Replacement

Shipping and Returns 

⯆ How much does the delivery cost and how long does it take?

The shipping of our products in the online shop is carried out exclusively by DHL and is free of charge for each customer with a minimum shopping cart value of 99€ (The only exception is the "Family & Friends Measure-me Kit", which is shipped for free).
All orders received by 12:00 noon are usually shipped the same day.

After your order in the online shop and on the day of the shipment, you will automatically receive an e-mail from the system with confirmation of shipment and a tracking number by 6 PM CET+1.
The usual delivery time is 1-3 working days within Germany and Austria, Saturdays included.

For delivery to other EU countries, the usual delivery time is approx. 1-2 days longer.

Due to the high volume of orders in the high season, the delivery time according to DHL can take up to 7 working days. 

⯆ Is shipping abroad possible?

As an end consumer with a delivery address in the given shipping countries (Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands) you can order directly from us in the online shop.
In other countires you can purchase our products through our international distributors or online partners.

Otherwise we recommend to visit a local dealer which you can find by our dealer search worldwide
Dealer locator 

*Only the free Family & Friends  "Measure me" set will be sent to Switzerland. Further information: www.sq-lab.com/en/sqlab-in-switzerland
⯆ What payment options are offered in the online shop?

You can pay your orders in our online shop either by prepayment, online bank transfer, credit card or Paypal. If you pay by cash in advance, you will receive a bank account in your order confirmation to which you can transfer the amount to be paid with your order number as purpose / reference.

The prices stated on the product pages include the statutory German value added tax and other price components. Please note that there is no VAT refund for exports abroad.
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⯆ How long does the return take to be refunded?

Once we have received the return, it usually takes 1-3 business days (Mon-Fri) for the credit note to be issued by the accounting department, depending on the original payment method for the order in question and the terms of the various credit institutions. The accounting department will send you a confirmation by e-mail with the process of the credit note as soon as it has been created. Due to the high traffic in the summer season, the refund may take a few days longer, but it is always within the legal 14-day limit.

⯆ How does a return work?

To return items from an order in our online store, please contact our customer service at [email protected]. Further information on the process can be found in the returns procedure.

⯆ What happens to the personal data?

The personal data that you provide with your order will be recorded in our merchandise management system and will not be deleted even after the order process. These data are required by the tax office through the statutory tax and commercial retention periods.

For a more detailed insight into the handling of your personal data, please refer to our General Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

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