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SQlab in Switzerland

Attention! SQlab products can be purchased in Switzerland through our specialist dealers or online partners. We only ship the Family and Friends Measurement-Kit to Switzerland.

As a specialist in ergonomic cycling accessories, the individual fit for each cyclist is crucial for us. At SQlab, the right ergonomics are paramount. To ensure that every customer receives the right size for them, we have developed a measurement concept for every contact point on the bike.

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We recommend measuring and purchasing ergonomic products from one of our SQlab specialist retail partners in Switzerland.

Our dealers are trained, have a lot of experience in ergonomics and can answer specific questions.


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You don't have the opportunity to visit a specialist retailer or want friends and family to measure you at home?

Then you can order our free measure-at-home-kit including instructions for all contact points here.


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SQlab measurement concepts

The pelvis

Every person has an individual sit bone distance. This is why different saddle widths are necessary for a good fit. In addition to other ergonomic concepts such as the step saddle concept for relieving pressure in the perineal area, the saddle width system was therefore invented. To measure the sit bone distance, we have developed the sit bone measurement for specialist retailers and at home. This ensures that every customer gets the saddle that fits them perfectly.

The Hand

Different sized or small hands require different grip sizes to ensure maximum safety and control. At the same time, you need precisely fitting gloves on the bike so that you don't lose control. These can also be determined at the dealer or at home. The right grip ergonomics distribute the pressure evenly and keep the sensitive nerve and blood vessels of the hand free.

The Foot

The shoe size and foot position are decisive for the axle length of the pedal. Knee pain and feet that fall asleep can be counteracted and the power transmission to the pedal is optimized. Due to the different foot types and the special requirements of cycling, we also have a cycling insoles concept and various insoles to provide the best possible support for the foot in its natural position.

Attention! SQlab products can be purchased in Switzerland through our specialist dealers or online partners. We only ship the Family and Friends Measurement-Kit to Switzerland.

SQlab contact points

Problems in the pelvic area

The pelvis is the central point of the body and carries the majority of the body, especially when cycling. This is why problems such as numbness and pressure in the pubic bone area can occur here. However, pain can also develop in the coccyx or at the sit bones . Other problems in this area when cycling include prostate problems and back pain. Our respective relief and saddle concepts can offer some aidance.

Problems in the hand area

A good and secure grip on the handlebar is particularly important when riding a bike. Pressure on the hand can lead to pain and numbness in the fingers, especially on longer rides. A wrong posture can also cause tension in the shoulder and neck muscles. Choosing a fitting grip and  handlebar is crucial here.

Problems in the foot and leg area

Incorrect foot position or pressure distribution can also cause pain and a burning sensation on the soles when cycling. There can also develop numbness in the toes over time, especially on longer bike rides. Another problem many cyclists are dealing with while biking are knee problems caused by previous injuries and poor posture on the pedal. Choosing the right pedals and cycling insoles can have an important impact here.

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