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We recommend to buy ergonomic products from a specialist retailer. Our dealers are trained and have a lot of experience in ergonomics.


Determine glove size
at home

You don't have the possibility to visit the shop or you prefer to measure your friends and family at home?


 How to measure glove size at home

That´s how it works ...

1. Determine your Glove size 

Place hand on the image and position middle finger at the level of the top of the arrow. Spread thumb slightly and mark the crook of the thumb with a pen. Read glove size at the height of the mark.

2. Measure your Glove width 

Place hand on the template again and close fingers. Mark hand width at level of knuckles (see image on right). For the glove width (Slim/Wide), measure the distance between the marked points with a ruler.

3. Choose your Glove   

Take the determined size and width (Slim/Wide) from the table and select suitable gloves.

the glove

for every type of riding 
and every size

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