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All SQlab saddle models are available in up to five different widths. This guarantees that your sit bones completely rest on the saddle and relieves the perineal and pubic area. Determine the right saddle width now:

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Measuring set
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You don't have the possibility to visit the shop or you prefer to measure your friends and family at home?


 Sit bone measurement at home
That's how it works ...

1. Step

Place the measuring cardboard on a smooth surface or measuring stool. Sit on it with a straight back and pull towards the cardboard. Please make sure that your feet are slightly elevated.

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the saddle

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Fitting saddle width
More power- less pain 

A saddle has to fit individually

Saddle too narrow
with discomfort at the sit bones and increased pressure at the perineal and pubic area.
SQlab Saddle
Optimal saddle width with more comfort, less pressure and better efficiency.

A saddle has to fit individually. If a saddle is too narrow, it squeezes, and exactly where it shouldn't. In 2002, we were the first saddle manufacturer to develop a system for measuring the distance between the sit bones and calculating the optimum saddle width. All SQlab saddle models are available in up to four different widths. This guarantees that your sit bones rest fully on the saddle. Because only in this way can the sensitive perineal area in men and the usually lower pubic arch in women be relieved.

To date, SQlab offers the widest range of saddle models in different widths for every area of use.

The effective saddle width

The specification of the saddle width is always the effective usable sitting area, not the total width. In all SQlab saddles, the usable area is maximally utilized and no width is given away by too much curvature.

Check saddle width

At the widest spot of the saddle, the measurement guide line has to be marked (see illustration below). The usable area is the area up to the outer points from which the saddle slopes downwards by more than 1 cm.

Total width
Effective usable width

The SQlab saddle width calculation has been adopted by expert magazines for saddle tests.

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