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30 % less vibration through the SQlab FL-X technology

Syntace and SQlab are the only manufacturers to remain undamaged in the large Bike Magazine break test. In addition to stability, SQlab focuses on damping behaviour. Accordingly, the 311 FL-X was developed with regard to flex behaviour. In an extensive study, we were able to prove that virtually all high-quality handlebars have damping characteristics between 0 % and 15 %, depending on their intensity. 311 FL-X has 30% more flex.

Experimental setup

The acceleration was recorded with two triaxial acceleration sensors at a frequency of 400 Hz (400 measurements per second). In order to determine the difference between the handlebar end and the centre of the handlebar, one sensor was mounted centrally on the handlebar and a second sensor on the handlebar end.

Test procedure

The test lap was driven by Max Holz SQlab Category Manager Performance and Marathon Winner 2018 in Riva, Willingen and Leogang. The round included root sections, downhill and uphill sections as well as three drops at different heights.


The diagram shows the reduction of the load in percent. It can clearly be seen that the SQlab 311 FL-X has a constantly high damping capacity between 18 % and 31 %.

Rigid handle bars - transmits the vibrations on the rider.
311 FL-X handle bars - with optimized damping properties reduces fine vibrations as well as large G-forces.


At accelerations of up to 50 m/s² (which corresponds to approximately 5g, i.e. 5 times the earth's gravitational pull), the SQlab 311 FL-X reduces the loads on the handarm system by 18 % to 20 %. The other tested handlebars can only "work" little or not at all at these accelerations and thus reduce the load only insignificantly.

These accelerations/impacts, frequently occur during mountain biking, e.g. with root sections or braking bumps. The mountain bike specific problem "arm pump" is evident. The result is numbness of the fingers and premature fatigue. At higher loads the 3OX Carbon achieves the highest reduction according to the area of use.