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The ClipOn Technology from SQlab

One Base - No Limits

Our ClipOn system integrates the proven concepts of sit bone measurement and the SQlab saddle width system into an innovative technology. This unique solution enables the effortless mounting of different saddle widths and models on a single saddle base, offering unsurpassed ergonomics, sustainability and individuality.

1. Determine sit bone distance

To ensure that the saddle width fits individually, the sit bone distance is determined in the first step. This allows the body weight to be evenly distributed, which enables optimum pressure relief.

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2. Determine your type of riding - select saddle attachment

Three different saddle covers, which integrate the well-known ergonomic saddle concepts from SQlab, cover the (e-)MTB, trekking and touring areas of application. 

6OX ERGOWAVE® Infinergy® - E-MTB / Enduro
611 ERGOWAVE® Infinergy® - MTB
610 M-D ERGOWAVE® Infinergy® - Trekking / Touring
--> more about 6OX INFINERGY®
The 6OX ERGOWAVE® saddle shape is ideal for E-MTB, all-mountain, enduro and other gravity disciplines. The raised rear optimizes power transfer to the pedals and provides important support on steep climbs, while the wide saddle nose optimizes the riding position on climbs. The defined sitting position thanks to the stepped saddle shape on the sit bones relieves the sensitive structures of both sexes.
--> more about 611 INFINERGY®
The 611 is designed to meet the requirements of all-mountain and enduro riding. The saddle's wave-like shape and raised rear ensure perfect rearward support and optimum pressure distribution down to the deep structures of the body, which significantly improves power transmission to the pedal. The lowered nose, in combination with the recess in the middle, creates more space and clearance for the perineal area for both women and men. 
--> more about 610 INFINERGY®
The 610 M-D Infinergy® active is suitable for comfort-oriented mountain bikers and sporty trekking riders. The relief of the perineal area is very high at 82 %. The popular 610 M-D saddle model is now also available in a version made in Germany. Made from BASF Infinergy® material, it offers every cyclist many advantages in terms of comfort, cushioning and back-friendliness. The Infinergy® material takes comfort to a new level, especially on long off-road tours, thanks to its rapid recovery. 

Saddle base and saddle cover - Made in Germany

The ClipOn project started with our "Made in Germany" - MTB saddle program from January 2024.
The special feature of the Infinergy® saddle series is the padding, which is not made of classic PU foam, but of BASF Infinergy® material known from running shoes. The material is particularly robust and raises comfort to a whole new level thanks to faster recovery.

--> Learn more about the Infinergy® material here
Infinergy foam offers a number of benefits for bicycle saddles, including:

1. excellent cushioning: the Infinergy foam effectively absorbs shocks and vibrations while riding, increasing comfort for the rider. By reducing pressure points on the sit bones and pelvic area, the risk of discomfort and injury is minimized.

2. lightweight: Infinergy foam is known for its lightness, which helps to reduce the overall weight of the bike saddle. 

3. durability and shape retention: Unlike conventional foams, Infinergy retains its shape and elasticity even after prolonged use and repeated stress. This ensures long-lasting support and comfort for the rider over the life of the saddle.

4. weather resistance: Infinergy foam is impervious to moisture and temperature fluctuations, making it ideal for outdoor use. Cyclists do not have to worry about their saddle being damaged by rain or sunlight, which extends the life of the product.

5. environmental friendliness: Infinergy foam is largely made from recycled material and can be recycled itself, resulting in a reduced environmental impact compared to conventional foams. This makes bicycle saddles made with Infinergy foam an eco-friendly option for environmentally conscious consumers.

Overall, Infinergy foam offers an optimal combination of comfort, lightness, durability and environmental friendliness, making bicycle saddles an attractive option for a wide range of riders.

3. The saddle base

Saddle base not yet on your bike? The saddle shell is also made in Germany and features active technology, which relieves pressure on the intervertebral discs by allowing the saddle to move slightly horizontally with the pedal stroke.


The saddle cover is easily clipped onto the saddle shell. The saddle shell and saddle cover then form a fixed unit.

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