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Published on 15.06.2022

Soon the Eurobike opens its doors again and for the Innovators Prize can be voted in advance. Two innovative products will be on the starting line. 

611 Infinergy® ERGOWAVE® active 2.1 Carbon

Our well-known 611 active 2.1 carbon saddle for MTB as an Infinergy version (available end of July)! You already know the Infinergy material from our 6OX. It is very robust and brings comfort to a whole new level. Sit loose and relaxed with plenty of comfort and relief, without strength-sapping relieving postures.

BASF Infinergy® material "Made in Germany" and "Swiss made" carbon rails.  

SQlab Profiler 

Of interest to dealers and customers alike, our SQlab Profiler App. The app makes the individual customer meeting in the bike store even more professional. With digital measurement via camera, the length of legs and arms, grip widths, leg axes, etc. are determined. After a complete needs analysis, the matching products are then recommended and all recorded data is sent to the customer by email.   

We would be very happy about your vote! 
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