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New active comfort series

Published on 20.02.2023

Longer tours with the trekking bike, the Sunday round to the bakery or the commute to work.
With our upgraded trekking and city models now even more comfortable.

What is new in the 602 active 2.1 of the comfort saddle series?

A bestseller of the SQlab product line gets an all-round update: from an improved, lighter saddle shell, an increased adjustment range to a completely newly developed technology for the Comfort active system, which is now adjustable via a switch function. New are also integrated threads for the connection of bags. The new 602 ERGOLUX® active 2.1 offers even more comfort with the same relief and a narrower saddle nose for more legroom.

+ maximum comfort

+ high relief

+ Active comfort with switch-function

+ less weight

+ slimmer shape


The switch function, can be easily and quickly adjusted with just one movement. Turn the adapter by 90° and the movement of the active system changes. 

Connection for saddle bags

With the practical saddle adapter saddlebags can be easily and securely attached under SQlab active Comfort saddles 2.1. 


With the active technology, the saddle follows the pedaling motion, comfort increases, Spinal discs are mobilized and pressure on the sit bones is minimized.

The new SWITCH-function in detail

With a small flick of the hand, the new active technology can be switched from standard active to high-active. In the standard setting, the horizontal movement of the saddle is somewhat reduced, good to initially adjust to the, perhaps previously unfamiliar, movement. In the high-active setting, the saddle moves even more horizontally and relieves the Spinal discs and facet joints significantly. The comfort is clearly and noticeably increased and the occurrence of possible back pain can be minimized.

Which saddle model fits me?

602 ERGOLUX® active
for more comfort

            • Trekking 
            • medium to long distance 
            • double step
            • active-Technology Comfort
            • 65 % perineal relief 
            • max. load 130 kg 

602 M-D active
for more relief

              • Trekking 
              • short to medium distance 
              • step shape 
              • active-Technology Comfort 
              • 80 % perineal relief 
              • max. load 150 kg 

The natural pelvic movement.
Transferred to cycling.

With the new evolutionary stage of active Comfort technology, the horizontal movement of the saddle while pedaling is even smoother and more natural.

Using the new switch function, can be selected between the standard active movement and the High active movement in just one turn.

Background of this technology are the anatomical conditions of the human pelvis. When walking, the pelvis is tilted with every step, to which the spine reacts with a movement to the opposite side. This movement is called pelvic rocking.

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