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Published on 17.04.2017

Barred for Life - The new 3OX bar

SQlab developed an ergonomic handlebar concept for Gravity and E-Performance.

The 30X handlebar bears the clear signature of the SQlab product developer, Tibor Simai. The perfect match of form, flexure, and diameter make the new Gravity handlebar one of the currently most stable and simultaneously lightest handlebars in its range of application. 

All test bench standards were passed back-to-back using the same handlebar for all testing. In the final test stage – the so-called “Zedler End of Life”, which simulates an entire handlebar life cycle under real loads – the test unit was shut off after 100,000 changes in load because, even then, no signs of fatigue or material damage were detected in the handlebar.

As can be expected from SQlab, the handlebar comes in six ergonomic designs, including two different backsweeps (12° and 16°) and three different elevations/rises. Depending on the range of application and the seat position, this product lets everyone find the handlebar that fits.