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News_3OX Carbon Downhill Handlebars

Published on 07.09.2023

Same stability - New design

After the limited special edition of the 3OX Camo Carbon handlebar has enjoyed great popularity in the Downhill Mountainbiking and Gravity, we have now relaunched it with black, glossy decals but the usual 9° Backsweep.

Elias Schwärzler and Fabio Wibmer are known to most in the bike scene. Through backflips on the most daring jumps, huge stair gaps, crazy lines through cities, big drops and many unusual video projects, the two guys from Austria have become known worldwide.

What expertise, if not theirs, should you consult when you want to design a carbon downhill handlebar that is light but at the same time can ensure maximum stability?
We have of course done exactly that and developed the 3OX carbon handlebar with downhill-oriented geometry in collaboration with the two exceptional talents, already three years ago.

The 9° backsweep create a straight transition from the forearms to the wrist and allow a dynamic, active position on the bike when riding downhill and gives you the necessary control over the front wheel and plenty of freedom of movement when absorbing waves and drops.

Reinforced clamping area
Increased horizontally laid fibers for perfect control. Additionally Longitudinally reinforced fibers on the underside
Glass fiber reinforced handlebar ends

To make the most stable carbon handlebars we have perfected our carbon fiber layup so that they can withstand the toughest impacts and have reinforced the clamping areas for stem and grips even more.



New option to personalize

If the 3OX handlebar with the black decals is too inconspicuous, you can customize it with our new option for individual stickers to your bike. 


Latest from Elias and his recent trip:

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