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News - Design and Innovation Award win for SQlab

Published on 19.04.2023

The three saddle models "Made in Germany" convinced the award jury.

The "Made in Germany" project stands for a local manufacturing facility (Ansbach), environmental benefits and efficient production according to strict German guidelines, as well as the use of very high quality materials, in particular BASF Infinergy® material, which provides the customer with significant advantages in the comfort experience and is also extremely robust.

For us, manufacturing saddles in Germany is an important step towards the future, in which we invest a lot of time, know-how and innovation - we are all the more pleased when this project is honored with awards.

Very recently, the entire "Made in Germany" product range has now been awarded the "iF Design Award 2023", making SQlab one of the award winners of the world-renowned design label. The iF DESIGN AWARD is presented once a year by the world's oldest independent design institution, iF International Forum Design GmbH.

The special feature of the new Infinergy® saddle series "Made in Germany" is the foam of the saddle, which no longer consists of classic PU foam, but of the BASF Infinergy® material known from running shoes. This material is very robust and brings comfort to a completely new level, especially in off-road terrain, due to the faster recovery. The excellent damping properties of Infinergy® absorb shocks during cycling caused by a curb or roots in the terrain. Likewise, the material absorbs the pressure of the body weight and, in combination with the saddle width system and the step saddle concept, creates a completely new riding experience. The low weight of the Infinergy® material as well as its durability are further advantages.

Temperature independent: The Infinergy® material withstands temperatures between -20° C and over +40° C without changing its functional properties (BASF). Durable: The Infinergy® material also impresses with its durability.

611 ERGOWAVE® active 2.1 Infinergy®
Made in Germany & Swissmade carbon rails

+ less weight + more sustainability + more comfort + more relief + more quality

The third model "Made in Germany" with "Swiss Made" carbon rails is also in the starting blocks and will be available this year. The 611 saddle is our popular model for your MTB use. 611 Infinergy® ERGOWAVE® active 2.1 Carbon is the saddle for long uphills and trail descents on the MTB. 

active technology to relieve the spinal discs
Dip - for relief of the sensitive perineal area
Lowered nose - for legroom off-road
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