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News - Enduro trans Tirol

Published on 15.07.2021

A new discovery of home with hurdles and obstacles 

Cross Tyrol on an enduro bike, combining the most exciting trails in the alpine terrain behind their own front door with a hut tour, enjoyment and a wonderful view: that was the plan of Fabian Spindler, Tobias Woggon, Konstantin Seger and Max Draeger. In the summer of 2020, which is dominated by pandemics and lockdown, this is an obvious idea after travel destinations abroad have become a distant memory.

In five days from the Achensee to the Reschensee, does not sound so bad... The four guys have made the bill with their ambitiously planned tour, however, without the Tyrolean mountain weather. After an extremely hot start at about 34 degrees in the Karwendel, the group is already forced on the first day by a violent thunderstorm to reschedule. A flooded mattress camp and a two-day interruption of the tour later, the transition to the Pitztal then welcomes the four with about 30 cm of fresh snow.

With a lot of gallows humor, hours of carrying bikes uphill and then pushing them downhill, they reach the bottom of the valley and are once again forced to throw all plans out the window and skip the last stage. As compensation, the group finally romps on the Three Countries Enduro Trails at Lake Resia and decides to solve the mystery of the missing stage next year.

Das Pitztal empfängt das Team mit rund 30 cm Neuschnee. FC Max Draeger Das Pitztal empfängt das Team mit rund 30 cm Neuschnee. FC Max Draeger

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