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News - #mybodymysaddle

Published on 29.07.2021

Find a suitable bicycle saddle for women!

Anyone who rides their bike a lot knows that sitting on a saddle so much can cause a lot of problems and pain. That is why the saddle choice is so important, not only because of the comfort, but also because of the health aspects. This is also known by our team riders, who all spend very much time on the bike. Because each body is built differently you can not generalize, each woman needs the saddle that best suits her. The athletes also describe why this is so important. 

Former professional cyclist Kerstin Kögler says that SQlab saddles help her not only to perform, but also to feel comfortable on the bike. Because she has been cycling for 25 years, she knows how little attention is paid to seating problems and pain in women. Especially often, the athletes have previously had pressure pain and sores in the genital area. 

Downhill World Cup rider Nina Hoffmann also used to have these problems and complaints, but since she has relied on SQlab saddles since 2018, they have decreased. She says about her favorite SQlab saddle, the Ergowave 612 active:

"No more pressing, no numbness, not too hard or too soft, just top notch."

Emma Hinze is riding on the track and has also switched to SQlab saddles after many years with seat problems. Pressure points were the main problem for her. With the new saddles, she immediately noticed a change in pressure distribution and her previous complaints no longer occurred. 

Verena Walter, who mainly competes in triathlons and has been cycling for many years, has the same problem. She has especially weak points in the tailbone and pubic bone and has had many inflammations there due to using the wrong saddles. Since she uses the SQlab saddles she says:

"A good saddle that fits my anatomy and seating position is worth gold."

Every woman is different and individual. And so should be their saddle. Because why should you drive saddles that may fit other women, but for one neither the right size nor have the right fit. That is why it is so important to have a saddle that fits you perfectly. After all, cycling should be fun and not end with pain after every ride.

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