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News - Small Christmas presents for cyclists

Published on 14.12.2023

There is still enough time to think about Christmas presents. We have already shared ideas for cyclists in the family over the past two weeks for saddles, grips and handlebars. This week we are presenting our pedals and other products for the feet.

Pedals for 
City and Trekking

The search for a small Christmas present for an enthusiastic city or trekking cyclist could end here! In our Christmas gift guide, we have put together our selection of small gifts for cyclists. A pair of pedals that not only improve performance and are easy on the knees, but also increase riding enjoyment on city streets or adventurous trekking routes, will look good under any Christmas tree. 


Different axle lengths, individual adjustment: We offer our pedals in up to four different axle lengths to enable a physiologically natural foot position. Conventional pedals force the feet into an almost parallel position, which often does not correspond to the natural position dictated by the knee. The shoe size can be used to determine the required axle length to ensure a physiologically natural foot position when cycling. 

Pedal 502 active 

The SQlab 502 active pedal is the first city and trekking bike pedal that allows lateral freedom of movement without sacrificing a secure grip. The active movement is particularly knee-friendly and protects the knee joints from one-sided strain.

Pedal 502

The perfect combination of versatility and performance. Thanks to its clever design, the single-sided clipless pedal can be used by cycling enthusiasts and occasional riders alike. 

Pedal 521

The SQlab 521 City pedal is also available in four different axle lengths. This enables a physiologically natural foot position.

Pedals for 

Pedals make a great small Christmas present for Mountainbikers, as they not only improve performance and control on demanding terrain, but also have a decisive influence on the riding experience. A solid grip between foot and pedal is crucial to have full confidence on technically demanding trails. Whether it's steep climbs, fast descents or tricky trail sections - secure grip gives you a good feeling and makes mountain biking even more fun. 

3 different axle lengths - for a physiologically natural foot position
Replaceable pins
Glass fiber reinforced plastic
Slightly concave and outwardly rotated pedal surface for an ergonomic position

Pedal 5OX

Replaceable pins, 3 axle lengths, ergonomic stance thanks to the slightly concave and outwardly rotated pedal surface and maximum contact surface. The 5OX pedal made of fiber-reinforced plastic is extremely robust and provides grip in any weather and riding situation.

Pedal 511

SPD compatible clipless pedal, available in four different axle lengths to bring the foot into a physiologically natural foot position to reduce one-sided strain.

Pedals for 
Road and Gravel

The right axle length of a pedal plays a decisive role in the efficiency of power transmission. Especially when riding a road bike, this is a decisive factor in getting the watts onto the road. The individual axle length enables a physiologically natural foot position, which in turn leads to optimized power transmission. By adapting to personal anatomical conditions, the rider can transfer more power to the pedals and thus increase their performance. Choosing the right axle length is a decisive factor in maximizing efficiency and comfort while cycling.

At just 235 g per pair, our road bike pedals are not only lightweight but also offer optimum ergonomics thanks to the four different axle lengths. One-sided strain can be reduced and power transmission to the pedal is optimized. 

Small presents with
great impact

Another thoughtful little Christmas present for cyclists are our insoles. They are an often underestimated but crucial accessory for cyclists. These small, often overlooked accessories play a huge role in comfort and performance while cycling. Insoles not only provide additional cushioning and support for the foot, but also help to minimize pressure points and optimize foot position. By custom-fitting to the foot, insoles can increase pedaling efficiency, reduce discomfort, make riding more enjoyable and increase comfort on long rides.

Socks are definitely a classic gift under the Christmas tree. As a small gift that doesn't tear a big hole in the wallet, socks are the perfect present for cyclists. 

As with saddles and grips, it makes sense to determine the foot type in order to experience riding pleasure and comfort on every ride and to benefit fully from all the ergonomic advantages of SQlab products.

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