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News - SQ-Short ONE12 Women wins Design & Innovation Award

Published on 24.01.2023

The SQ Short ONE12 Women is available in June 2023

"With the SQ-Shorts ONE12 Women from SQlab, long pee breaks including annoying layer fumbling for women are now a thing of the past. These are the first bib shorts from the ergonomics specialists that have been specially designed for women, and thanks to the Easy Exit system, the shorts can be pulled down without having to take off the jersey. For this purpose, the shorts are cut extra less high at the back and are easy to pull down. This is quick, uncomplicated and works without you having to open any clips or anything like that - the best and most uncomplicated solution we have ever come across for women's bib shorts. Thanks to a piece of double-layer fabric above the seam at the front waistband, the SQ-Shorts ONE12 Women do not cut in and are very comfortable to wear. The shorts are offered in 8 different sizes with a women-specific fit, which means you should be able to find a perfect fit for almost any female biker."  Jury Design & Innovation Award

A road short with an individual cut for women and a detail that makes a big difference on every bike ride.

The main difference in the Women model is the adapted cut to the female body shape and is optimised for the small needs during the ride. Because a short pit stop at the toilet no longer ends in a several-minute changing disaster. 

With the new SQ-Short ONE12 Women, time is saved: simply sit down and pull the shorts over your bum: without having to take off your jersey or open complicated straps or zips. The ingenious strap system creates maximum flexibility while offering a firm fit of the padding while riding.

SQ-Pad 12 - For racers who don't want to wear nappies!

The SQ-Pad 12 is only a maximum of 5 mm thick and feels exceptionally firm and high-quality at first. Especially on longer distances, the tight SQ-Pad 12 keeps its shape. As a result, it is not pushed inwards unpleasantly during the pedalling movement, as is the case with many thick, soft pads. It offers the perfect comfort for long distances on the road bike.

One Size

From the inventor of the sit bone measurement and the saddle width system, you would have expected more - at least several different pad widths. The SQ pads are universally suitable for every sit bone distance. The slight extra width ensures that the sit bones rest snugly on the pad even during pedalling and do not slide inwards.
Conclusion: A saddle that is too wide can lead to problems - a pad does not.

Why is the SQlab pad hard and thin?

Myth soft saddle: sit bones serve to absorb the body weight and can withstand high pressure. A bike saddle that is too soft causes the sit bones to sink in. This irritates sensitive tissue as well as muscle and tendon attachments. This means that deeply sinking sit bones lead to greater strain on the perineal area in men and the lower pubic arch in women.
But this is precisely where the question arises as to why we ride tight saddles in order to simulate a soft saddle by using thick and super-soft cycling shorts pads?
Because the result is the same: Sinking sit bones, restricted blood supply and increased friction..

Deeper muscle and tendon insertions are irritated by soft pads
Sit bones get used to the load

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