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News - the Kidsline by SQlab

Published on 09.10.2023

Ergonomics now also for the next generation

Since children acquire a lot as they grow, it is particularly important to set the right course. The ergonomics should not come up short on children's bikes and give the offspring all the advantages of an ergonomic saddle, grips and handlebars. We have taken time to implement the topic but are now fully satisfied with the result. 

As usual from SQlab, our children's saddles are also available in different widths: 9 cm and 11 cm. Through extensive research and development work, we have determined that the age of the child corresponds approximately to the sit bone distance in the upright position. This results in the following widths with regard to the child's age: Children up to 9 years: 9 cm width. Children from 9 years: 11 cm width.
So that the new Kidsline masters the ergonomic challenges and meets the tastes of young riders, we have sought active support in the development.
Together with the nephews of SQlab founder Tobias Hild, we developed handlebars, grips and saddles and adapted the designs to the latest trends.
The children's saddle series we have called 6 ½. Because they have the same ergonomic advantages as our "big ones", they are just a little smaller. The step saddle shape we have also implemented in the children's saddle as the dip in the middle of the saddle to relieve the sensitive structures and distribute the pressure on the sit bones. The children's saddle is available in three designs. Flames Design: Ideal for future firefighters and firewomen. Racing Design: For young racers who love speed. OX Design: Perfect for a partner look with the 6OX ERGOWAVE® saddle.

Step shape for the distribution of pressure on the sit bones
Dip to relieve the sensitive structures
Kevlar reinforcement protects the saddle in case of crashes

To also equip the cockpit with the perfect ergonomics, completes our Kids-Line grips and handlebars. The 7 ½ grips have a grippy diamond structure to ensure the safe grip in all weather conditions and also the Ergobar, the wave-shaped elevation on the underside that distinguishes all our grips, is found in the Kids models. 

Clamping on the inside of the grip prevents twisting.
The Ergobar. A wave-shaped elevation that perfectly reproduces the shape of the fingers.
Cushioning on the outside of the handle. Provides the largest possible contact surface for pressure distribution and comfort, even off-road.

The handlebar 3 ½ completes the SQlab Kids-Line. The handlebar is tapered outward to allow for a smaller grip circumference, which is perfectly adapted to smaller hands and upper body. A reinforced backsweep for a straight transition from forearm to hand and an increased rise for a more upright riding position offer more comfort and better control off-road as well as in various everyday situations.

Note: The children handlebar is compatible with the SQlab 7 ½ as well as the SDG grips.

Tapered handlebar ends
Rise, for a comfortable and secure sitting position.
Backsweep, for a straight transition from wrist to forearm.

The Kids-Line products at a glance

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