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News - Wings for Life ltd. Edition 611 ERGOWAVE®

Published on 03.06.2022

"Wings for Life is a non-profit foundation for spinal cord research that aims to make paraplegia curable."

 We support the research foundation "Wings for Life" with the back-friendly, limited edition "611 ERGOWAVE® ltd. Wings for Life "

For every saddle sold, we donate 10 euros directly to the foundation, which finances and supports worldwide research projects to heal injured spinal cords.


The saddle provides through its wave-like shape and the raised tail for the perfect support to the rear and an optimal pressure distribution to the deep structures of the body whereby the power transmission to the pedal is significantly improved.

Perfect fit

Prerequisite for maximum comfort even off-road is the fit perfectly adapted to the mountain biker. Available widths: 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 cm

Free space

The lowered nose, in combination with the recess in the middle, creates more space and clearance for the perineal area for both women and men.

Relief of the intervertebral discs

Equipped is the 611 ERGOWAVE® active ltd. Wings for Life with the new active technology with a softer and lighter movement with less weight. SQlab active saddle technology allows the saddle to follow the pedaling movement, comfort increases, the intervertebral discs are mobilized and the pressure on the sit bones is minimized.

Buy now and support the
Wing for Life foundation

10 Euro per sold saddle we donate directly to the foundation, which funds and supports worldwide research projects to heal the injured spinal cord.

Tag us on your picture with #sqlab and become part of our Wing for Life ltd. Editon

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