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SQlabs new handlebar series

Published on 07.12.2022

The new handlebar series - 3 handlebars 3 areas of use 3 sitting positions

One Quality Level - One Safety Level - The Highest

A clear, simple concept reduces the number of possible handlebar shapes and quality levels to just three handlebars for touring, trekking and comfort.
Quality and durability offer the highest level of safety, because here we have gone one step further: All comfort handlebars are manufactured to MTB standard and have passed the most demanding test protocol of the Zedler Institute for downhill handlebars.



MTB Tour & Travel

What our 3x3 of handlebar ergonomics consists of:



The handlebar height, allows an individual adjustment of the sitting position. The more rise, the more upright the sitting position.



Provides a straight transition
from the forearm to the hand and reduces numb fingers.



Provides a natural posture of the elbows elbows, which relaxes the neck and shoulder muscles.

With the rise, the backsweep and downsweep increases. This always results in the optimum wrist position and maximum relaxation for the neck and shoulders.

If the handlebars on a trekking or city bike have too little downward bend (downsweep), this automatically causes the elbows to move outward and the shoulders to be pulled toward the head. This posture favors a tensing and aching of the shoulder & neck muscles.

To avoid these problems and relax the muscle chain, the goal should be to get the "shoulders away from the ears". A handlebar with more "downsweep" brings the shoulders down. At the same time, more "backsweep" provides a natural hand position and an elbow position close to the body. The muscles in the neck get better blood flow and relax due to a looser position.

Handlebar 321

The city handlebar that survives every curb. The 321 is for anyone who prefers a very upright sitting position on the city bike. The 35° bend to the rear (backsweep) provides a natural arm position on the bike. The sensitive shoulder and neck area is relieved by the 20° bend down (downsweep), which brings the elbows down and thus ensures a natural posture.

Handlebar 302

The 302 handlebar is made for the trekking bike. The handlebar height (rise) provides a more upright sitting position on the bike and at the same time the bend down (downsweep) provides relaxation for neck and shoulders. The above-average width of 700 mm gives security and stability, but can be shortened at any time. 24° backward bend (backsweep) provides a straight transition from forearm to hand to reduce numbness or fingers falling asleep. In combination with the 15° downsweep, this creates an ergonomic, relaxed posture on the trekking bike.

Handlebar 310

The 310 3.0 handlebar is for the comfort-oriented Mountainbike used only for touring and light terrain, as well as for urban and fitness bikes. The goal was to create an ergonomically optimal handlebar to create, despite the strong bends, a new level of stability with it. As a simple formula, the more upright the sitting position is, the more bending to the rear (backsweep) and down (downsweep) is required. 18° backsweep ensures a straight transition from the forearm to the hand, shoulders and neck are relieved.

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