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702 Grips become test winner

Published on 09.02.2023

Test victory! The 702 Trekking / City Comfort grips convince in "Rad fahren" - magazine

Pain while cycling is certainly indisputably one of the factors that can quickly turn a bike ride into torture.

We at SQlab have dedicated ourselves to making cycling as ergonomic and comfortable as possible. For this purpose, we have developed the right product for every problem and contact point.

A common problem is certainly aching, numb or tingling hands and fingers. The discomfort can occur quickly but can be solved just as quickly with the right grip.

Where do numbness and fingers falling asleep while cycling come from?

A problem solver, which has currently also cleared a test victory, is the trekking and city comfort grip 702. The "Rad fahren" magazine has subjected 24 bicycle grips to a thorough examination.    

The test verdict was very positive for our 702 grip, which promptly made it the test winner.

"Rad fahren" magazine 02/23:

"The 702 is an extremely technical grip that is almost too perfect in terms of features. Top: three sizes. Needs a little time to get used to partly. The pressure distribution is a real problem solver. Does not show any weaknesses except for the higher weight."

The raised end of the grip accommodates the outside of the hand and gives support and protection. The pressure is distributed over a large area.
The clamping moved from the outside to the inside. This increases the damping and comfort on the outside of the hand. The SQlab grip series is therefore no longer compatible with twist grips.
Maximum support surface, support and comfort. The large wing relieves the sensitive nerves.

Test winner Duo:

For even more comfort, especially on longer distances, the 702 grip in combination with the INNERBARENDS®.

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