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SQ-Short ONE10 Women XS

Art.No: 2729
Sitting Position Moderate/Slightly Bent Forward
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Expected to be available on 17.05.2024
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Well thought out

Who does not know it when the waistband of the bike shorts folds over or cuts in uncomfortably. To avoid this, we rely on the SQ-Short ONE10 Women on a wide, double-laid waistband that is slightly beveled and overlaps towards the navel.  Due to this design, the waistband follows the female body shape and hugs the waist without folding over or cutting in. 

No pressure points 

Due to their tight design, the SQ pads retain their shape. They are thus not, as with many high, soft pads in the pedaling movement unpleasantly pushed inward.


Size chart SQ-Short ONE10 Women

Clothing Size343638404244
Body Height (cm)162-164164-168168-172172-180176-182178-184
Waist (cm)62-6666-7070-7474-7878-8282-86
Hip (cm)90-9494-9898-102102-106106-110110-114

Hard and thin

The heart of the SQ-Short ONE10 is the 8mm thin pad with a TPE gel.

Out of diapers?

The SQ-Pad 10, has a maximum thickness of 8 mm and initially feels both exceptionally firm and of high quality. Everyone that rides regularly knows that for rides of over 30 min duration, a saddle with thin firm padding is considerably more comfortable than a saddle with thick soft padding. The same is true for a chamois. Most chamois are about 12 mm thick and soft - UNTIL NOW!

Thin layer of orthopedic TPE gel

No shear forces

The pain originates at the periosteum, whereby the pressure is less the problem, but more the shearing forces caused by the pedalling movement. The slight but constant movement of the pelvis on the saddle causes painful shear forces on the periosteum. The SQ-Pad10 has a thin layer of orthopaedic TPE gel. This gel was specially developed to absorb shear forces in the medical field.

Several layers

Despite the very flat, only 8 mm thick construction, several layers that are coordinated with each other are concealed in the ONE10 pad.

TPE shear force gel

The TPE shear force gel can optimally develop its property - to absorb the horizontal movements - on the pad underside.

Seat bones get used to the load
Deeper muscle and tendon insertions are irritated by soft pads

Why is the SQ Pad hard and thin?

A too soft saddle usually becomes very uncomfortable after approx. 30 – 45 minutes on the bike. The sit bones sink in so far, that sensitive soft tissue such as muscle and tendons are aggravated. After approx. 30 – 40 minutes a dull deep pressing pain sets in. The sinking in of the sit bones also causes the perineal area in men and the lower positioned pubic bone arch in women to be subjected to higher pressure. Specifically soft padding will effectively stop the blood flow.
The question now is why we ride taut, slim saddles, but make a soft saddle again with the thick, super-soft padding that we often wear in our cycling shorts. The effect of the soft saddle (in this case: hard saddle + super soft pad) then again leads to the serious impairments of sinking, the restricted blood supply and the increased friction.
With the SQlab Pad Technology we have succeeded in eliminating the effect of a soft saddle. After a long development time we have developed an ergonomically high-quality pad with the characteristics hard, thin and firm.

Why haven´t tight pads been around for some time?

Because high-quality foams with better damping features have a higher density and thus lose their breathability. By means of a patented process, we have managed to break up the structures of the very dense foam. The result is a high breathability, comparable to conventional upholstery or even better. The perfect cushioning remains fully intact.

Repair service

The seams of your SQ shorts have repairable damage due to intensive wear or a fall? 

No problem, you do not need to buy a new one, we will repair your SQ-Short. 

> Take a photo of your pants where the damage is clearly visible.

> Send the picture, your invoice and a short description of the problem via email to [email protected]

We will then contact you immediately to clarify all further steps. 
Technical specifications at a glance
2729 / 2730 / 2731 / 2732 / 2733 / 2734
MTB Tour & Travel / Trekking
XS/ S/ M/ L/ XL/ XXL
75% Nylon, 25% Elasthan
SQ Pad 10, shear force gel
Regular Fit
30° delicates, Do not bleach, Do not tumble dry, Do not iron, Do not dry clean
Description at a glance

The successful SQlab liner shorts for an upright sitting position are now also available as a women's version. For this we have adapted the cut to the female body shape.

The leg length was shortened according to the female leg length. The wide waistband is double layered, slightly slanted and overlaps towards the belly button.  This shaping allows the waistband to follow the female body shape and fit snugly to the waist without folding over or cutting in.

The SQ-Pad 10 is maximum 8 mm thin and still tight. The pad consists of a dense and at the same time extremely breathable foam, which is equipped with a thin layer of a TPE gel on the underside. This serves for the optimal absorption of the shearing forces arising during the pedaling movement. 

The SQ Short One10 is made for everyday use and has an ideal cut to wear under your shorts.

Please note, to choose the right size of pants, the circumference of the hips is crucial. Measure horizontally at the strongest point of your hips.

Material: 75% recycled Nylon, 25% Elasthan

Washing Advice: 30° delicates, Do not bleach, Do not tumble dry, Do not iron, Do not dry clean

Returns: If the shorts do not fit please contact our customer service. Cycling shorts are a hygiene article and are generally worn without underwear. Please keep in mind that we cannot take back trousers that have been used extensively.

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