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Grip 710 S

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Art.No: 2116
Sitting Position Moderate/Slightly Bent Forward
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Optimal combination of support surface and freedom of movement

MTB Comfort / Tour & Travel

VSF certified - Best ergonomics

"The shape and size concept of SQlab offers an outstanding selection of different grips for every application. The ergonomic shape effectively supports the hands, the unusual grip edge provides "grip" and more secure. All models are available in three sizes, which differ in diameter, length and shape." VSF

The perfect gripsize

The personal grip size is important.

Grip size is the measurement from the tip of the middle finger to the crook of the thumb. This is because the fingers grasp the grip precisely by this measurement.

In the new SQlab grip series, sizes differ in range, length (only the 702,710) and shape.


Sizes & Weights



(total in mm)


(measured at 1/3 of the total length)


(in g)

SQlab 702S139,1108,0215
SQlab 702
SQlab 702
SQlab 710
SQlab 710
SQlab 710

* The grip circumferences is measured in the first third. This corresponds to the position of the middle finger.

Hand edge

Grips 702 and 710 are higher on the inside than on the outside, which matches the natural position of the hand.

This provides excellent relief to the ulnar nerve and, above all, the carpal tunnel pass with the median nerve. In addition, the outer edge of the hand is often insensitive, as karate fighters often demonstrate impressively.  


The raised grip end picks up the side of the hand and supports the hand. As a result, pressure is distributed across a large area.

+ comfort
+ grip security

round grip
round grip
The round grip sounds comfortable, but gives only a small contact surface.
grip with wings
grip with wings

A grip with wings reduces pressure yet security is limited.

flattened ellipse
flattened ellipse

The flattened ellipse enlarges surface significantly.

SQlab grip concept
SQlab grip concept

Flattend at the top and drawn forward and back for pressure relief and comfort. Surface is optimized for support and fingers can encompass the grip. 



pressure = force/area

low contact area = high pressure low contact area = high pressure
large contact area = low pressure large contact area = low pressure

Pressure measurement at the SQlaboratory

Pressure measurements are carried out with an electronic pressure measuring foil/mat. We have been using pressure measurement since 15 years in the saddle development.

Together with a manufacturer of pressure sensors, we were now able to further develop the system and make it flexible enough to be able to wrap the printing mat around the grip. Some of our premium dealer partners also use our pressure measuring system in the consultation.

low pressure on the outside
very low, greatly reduced pressure at the carpal tunnel exit
Base - round grip
Base - round grip
The extremely high pressure on the outside causes irritation of the ulnar nerve.
The consequences are pressure pains and numbness on the little finger and ring finger.

SQlab 710
SQlab 710

The pressure on the outside is clarified in green area. The pressure at the point of the carpal tunnel exit is less than 40 % of the maximum pressure on the outside of the hand.

Grip XY with a wing
Grip XY with a wing

The pressure on the outside is still in the green area. The pressure at the site of the carpal tunnel exit is approximately 80 % of the highest pressure. 



Overall, the pressure of the 702 and 710 is distributed over a very large area. Accordingly, the maximum pressure is about 25 % lower than comparable ergonomic grips. At the point of the carpal tunnel exit the pressure at the 702 could be reduced to less than the half. 

SQlab 710
SQlab 710

The pressure on the outside is slightly higher than of the 702 but still in the green range.The pressure at the point of the carpal tunnel exit is only about 30% of the maximum pressure on the outside of the hand. Both nerves are sufficiently relieved.

MTB grip ZX! with a wing
MTB grip ZX! with a wing

The hard, stiff wing reduces the pressure only slightly compared to a round handle and additionally distributes it unfavorably to the carpal tunnel exit.


Relief through 710

Relief of the carpaltunnel pressure

The unloading wing must be placed as far outside as possible to keep the carpal tunnel exit largely free and reduce the pressure. Already easy, but constantly recurring pressure, over a long period of time, can lead to problems such as a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Relief of the ulnarnerve pressure

The measurements show that the maximum pressure usually occurs on the outside of the palm of the hand. At this point the ulnar nerve, which supplies the two little fingers, disappears.

carpaltunnel exit - one of the most sensitive parts of the hand
ulnarnerve - supplies the two little fingers and runs below the carpal tunnel
medianus nerve - provides the thumb, index and midrange - passing through the carpaltunnel


A kink in the wrist especially a laterally overstretched wrist can narrow the carpal tunnel. Similar to a kinked garden hose, through which no more water flows, the nerve information can no longer be transported through the narrowed carpal tunnel.

This problem only occurs in healthy people when the joint goes to “block”. The cause is almost always a handlebar with too little bending to the rear.


Our grips are not medical devices. We can not promise, that the handles cure your discomfort. So the important thing is, that you listen to your body and try to change something if you have problems like this. Additionally ask your doctor for advice or please feel free to contact us directly.

Numbness feelings

Ring finger, little Finger

The cause is too high pressure on the outside. Here runs the ulnar nerve.

Index finger, middle finger, thumb

1. cause is a lateral, overstreched wrist, or a kink. This is usually caused by a too straight handlebar, with too little bending to the rear.


2. cause is too high pressure on the carpal tunnel exit, often caused by relieving wings, which relieve the ulnar nerve, but under unfavorable circumstances load the median nerve.

Secure grip

Secure grip comes first.

Security comes before comfort. Thanks to our size system, the external wing and the Ergobar, you can always fully grasp the grip. The non-slip surface structure and the premium material are pleasant to grab and simultaneously provide a secure hold. The relief wing is at the outer edge on the 702 and 710, making it easy to provide support and a secure grip. You will appreciate this interface during your complete riding experience but will become even more evident the next time you need to brake hard.

Danger !

in relaxed driving no problem. But a strong emergency braking would not be possible.

The force line of the forearm runs trough the middle of the grip
supporting relief wing

Adjustment of the relief wing 

We recommend 150° to 160°. Optimally, the extended force line of the forearm runs through the center of the grip. Recommendations between 180° and 165° are currently widely used, but can become dangerous, as the support while leaning forward cannot be guaranteed when braking strongly. The SQlab relief wing should not correct the hand, but merely support it. 

Secure grip

Angular and two-dimensional

Handlebars are round, and grips are also mostly round because it is simple. But fingers are anything but round: They easily slip on a round object and cannot hold on unlike, for instance, a flat table corner.

round = no grip possible round = no grip possible
angular & two-dimensional = grip is possible angular & two-dimensional = grip is possible

The grip offers a very relaxed touch point while simultaneously giving you the feeling of complete control.


The Ergobar is a wave-shaped profile on the front and right side, which produces a flat, slightly angular grip bottom. A perfect fit for angular, bent fingers.

Comfort upgrade

Existing 710 and 702 handles can easily be upgraded with Innerbarends® 410/402. One part saved and a clean transition from the grip to the Innerbarend. Comfortable. Aerodynamic. Inside.

Technical specifications at a glance
2116 / 2117 / 2118
MTB Tour & Travel / Trekking
approx. 165 / 175 / 190
Soft TPE Compound
S / M / L
102,6 / 106,0 / 115,2
136,8 / 139,1 / 145,0
Polypropylen (PP)
Description at a glance

The combination of secure grip and comfort was the focus of development of the 710. The preferred area of use is a comfort-oriented mountain bike or a sporty trekking bike. Due to the perfect fit, the bicycle grips cut a good figure in both areas. The scope of delivery includes a set of grips.

This relief wing, which is located at the very edge and deeply extends downwards, frees up space for securely grasping the grip body in all situations. The raised grip end picks up the side of the hand and supports the hand. The inside’s level is higher and thus secures the natural position of the hand. Hence it specifically relieves the ulnar nerve, the median nerve and the carpal tunnel pass. The Ergobar offers a secure grip for the fingers and optimum support on the front and bottom with a wave-like elevation. The clamp moved from the outside to the inside in the course of the product development. This increases the shock absorption and comfort on the hand’s outer side. Thus, the SQlab grip series is no longer compatible with twist grips. Various rubber compounds ensure a perfect grip level and high comfort. We only use the best possible materials. This guarantees you a long service life and no sticking of the grip rubber. The personal grip size is what matters. With the 710 grip, the sizes differ in diameter, length and shape.

pollutant tested

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