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Find the right saddle with Stevie Schneider

Published on 29.09.2023

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Find the right saddle
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SQlab team rider and self-proclaimed "Exfluencer" Stevie Schneider knows: if it pinches and tweaks while cycling and even numbness occur, then the red light should flash! In the video he shows how to do it right: The SQlab sit bone measurement is the most important tool to find the right saddle to avoid problems and increase comfort! SQlab was the first company to develop the saddle width system for measuring the sit bones and calculating the optimum saddle width. Today, it is no longer possible to think of choosing a saddle without having measured the sit bones beforehand! Try it out, like Stevie!

SQlab Dealer 

The ergonomics experts in the shop perform an all-round measurement of the contact points to the bike and advise you on the choice of the right saddle model.

Measure yourself at home
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If you prefer to measure yourself, friends and family members at home, order our measuring set here.

How a sit bone measurement is done:


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