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More freedom of movement on your feet - the new SQlab active - pedal

Published on 30.07.2023

Freedom begins at the foot

Previous studies were able to prove that releasing the axial rotation by 10° with clipless pedals can reduce the potential of overuse injuries in the knees. SQlab has used these findings to be the first company on the market to develop an active pedal for an ergonomic pedaling motion that is easy on the knees. While with clipless pedals the freedom of movement (float) of up to 10 ° is already common, the foot is static on a city pedal with grip.

Friendly on the knees

The SQlab 502 active pedal is the first city and trekking bike pedal with lateral freedom of movement while maintaining good grip. 

What is the advantage of this freedom of movement? 

+ natural co-movement of the foot
+ Foot position is dictated by the knee
+ Gentle on the knee joint 

4 different axis lengths for a physiologically natural foot position ​
STVZO Conform
Knee friendly due to active technology
Lateral freedom of movement with good support at the same time

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