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News - Gifts for Road & Gravel

Published on 01.12.2022

Christmas gifts should be meaningful, have a personal touch and give pleasure to the gifted for a long time.

Who wants to give a gift to a passionate cyclist, could consider a saddle. If all the important criteria are taken into account and the saddle is selected to fit the area of use and individual sizes, the saddle becomes an individual, durable & comfortable gift that takes into account the ergonomics and gives pleasure again with every ride. 

What should be considered when choosing a saddle?

Key to choosing the right saddle is the individual sit bone distance, the sitting position on the bike and the duration of the ride.

The individual saddle width can be derived from the sit bone distance and the respective sitting position. This guarantees that the sit bones rest fully on the saddle and relieve the perineal area. 

We have developed ergonomic saddle concepts based on anatomical aspects, which are adapted to the various areas of use. The step saddle concept, distributes the body weight to the sit bones according to medical principles.

The saddle nose is lower in level and relieves the sensitive areas of both men and women.

The differences in anatomy are covered by the different saddle widths. 

SQlab step saddle concept

The sit bone width can be determined at a SQlab dealer or comfortably at home with our measuring set, which can be ordered from us free of charge. 

SQlab Family & Friends measurement set

SQlab dealer locator

Roadbike & Gravel saddles

Perfect for the requirements of a saddle on the road bike and gravel bike is the ERGOWAVE® line.

The optimal pressure distribution of the body weight, away from the perineal area and towards the sit bones, distinguishes all SQlab saddles. The ERGOWAVE® shape also provides for the sporty sitting position an even distribution of pressure within the sit bones and more support to the rear, which improves power transmission to the pedal and is a prerequisite for maximum performance.

All SQlab Roadbike saddle

All SQlab Gravel products

The new Gravel saddle from SQlab. This model combines the advantages of the well-known ERGOWAVE® saddles 611 (MTB) and 612 (Road).

The flat, yet slim saddle nose, as well as the tight padding, were optimally adapted to the needs on the road bike at the 612er. Also available as active version.

More power through ergonomics from 165 g.

The raised tail gives more support and thus better power transmission. On straight road and especially uphill a great advantage.

Roadbike handlebars & bar tapes

In terms of ergonomics, we rely in contrast to our MTB handlebars on a 10° front sweep, which decreases to the end of the handlebar and thus offers the perfect ergonomics for all ambitious road cyclists.

For the road, we have developed a handlebar tape that ergonomically fits perfectly to the hand while providing grip and comfort. The handlebar tape can be wrapped in different thicknesses depending on the grip size to perfectly enclose the handlebar. The winding thickness can be determined as with all SQlab grips via the grip width template.

SQlab grip size measurement

Ergonomic lightweight and the first road handlebar from SQlab. In terms of material processing, weight and durability, we could already prove with MTB handlebars that we are also in the global comparison at the top. As with our grips for MTB, trekking and city, we have implemented the Ergobar in the road handlebar. The combination of contact surface and freedom of movement provide the optimum pressure distribution and grip safety.

grip safety
maximum contact surface
cutout for little finger

Thanks to a special rubber compound and the incorporated, grippy diamond structure, the road bike handlebar tape remains perfectly grippy in all weather conditions and provides the perfect cushioning.

Perfect ergonomics for all ambitious road cyclists offers. All contact surfaces are optimized down to the last detail.

High-tech clothing for road & gravel riders

Functional clothing for the road bike or gravel bike can be a careful & sophisticated gift for Christmas.

Especially for road cycling, for example, a well-fitting cycling shorts is worth a lot.

The pads of our bib shorts become more comfortable with increasing kilometers and adapt wonderfully to the body shape and do not push inwards when pedaling, unlike many soft pads.

SQlab product concepts SQ-pads

The heart of a pair of cycling shorts is the pad.
A soft pad has little or no effect on sitting comfort, as the sit bones either "sit through" or sink in and deeper-lying, as well as sensitive tissue such as muscle and tendon attachments are irritated. 

Buying tip RennRad magazine

"The pad of the ONE12R from Munich-based manufacturer SQlab is only four millimeters thick. Nevertheless, the bib shorts proved comfortable even on long distances. The SQ pad is enormously firm and thus does not shift, which helps to avoid pressure points. Especially in a sporty sitting position, our testers found this comfortable. The seams are ultrasonically welded and do not cut in at any point. This also applies to the laser-cut leg cuffs. The wide back pad with mesh insert proved to be very breathable. The material on the pant legs is tight, yet the One12R are suitable as summer shorts." RennRad Magazine 08|2022

Competition-oriented Bib, with 4 mm thin and tight SQ-pad 12R. Adapted to the very sporty sitting position on the road bike, and so positioned in the SQ-Short. 

The very thin pant pad becomes more and more comfortable with increasing kilometers and adapts wonderfully to the body shape.

Little things for more comfort on the road bike & gravel bike

Pedals, gloves or insoles.

By changing one small part on your bike, you can make a big, positive difference. Perfect for that little something for Christmas.

The 512 road bike clipless pedal provides through the different axle lengths for a protective, ergonomic and yet optimal dynamic posture on the bike.

The glove for any weather, with integrated rain cover. For optimal fit provides the size concept.

The SQ-Insoles ONE11 bring the power back to the pedal and the foot in a proper position. The muscles of the sole of the foot are supported to generate more propulsion.

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