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News - New Performance Downhill grip

Published on 18.01.2024

No matter what challenges the trail throws at you, the new 7OX 2.0 Pro grip gives you absolute control and performance at all times.

In the gravity sector, which covers all downhill-oriented disciplines, special challenges are placed on a grip. Whether for freeride, downhill, enduro, in the bike park or on the jumpline, a secure grip on the handlebars is extremely important. Only those who can rely on the contact point "grip" are ready to master any obstacle.

the perfect match for downhill:

Save Energy

The improved ergonomics result in an even better form fit and an overall better grip feel. Thanks to the intelligent adjustments to the grip, less effort and pressure needs to be placed on the grip. This prevents arm pump and cramping hands.

Index finger dip: This results in an even better form fit, resulting in a secure grip.
Ergobar: Like an edge to hold on to. A wave-shaped elevation on the underside that perfectly reproduces the bent fingers.
Cushioned: The outside of the grip is slightly raised to relieve pressure on the palm of the hand and provides additional cushioning against impacts.

Pro - Rubber Compound

Based on our findings from our in-house studies, we have developed the Pro rubber compound for the 7OX 2.0 Pro. The "soft compound rubber" offers a very supple, soft grip feel with optimum cushioning and yet good abrasion resistance. 

Intelligent clamping: The grip is only clamped in the first third, which increases comfort on the outside of the grip.
Grip zones: The Ergobar on the underside has been enhanced with a new texture zone that provides uncompromising grip.
Improved: The material on the outside of the grip is reinforced to protect the grip in the event of a fall.
To ensure an optimum fit for your own hand, you can easily determine your own grip width with our home measurement service. 

Tests and Studies

To ensure that the grips not only offer optimum ergonomics but are also durable, we tested various grip models in advance to find the optimum material for the 7OX 2.0 Pro downhill grips. The grips were exposed to intensive UV radiation and the salt water chamber to test which material mixture retains the desired properties while maintaining the same appearance.

Armpump Measurement by EMG

The problem of the so-called arm pump often occurs when mountain biking. If the muscles in the forearm are tense for a long time and this is accompanied by rapid successive impacts from braking waves, root carpets etc., the blood flow in the blood vessels is impaired. This can cause the forearms to cramp and hand strength to decrease. To investigate this loss of strength, SQlab analyzed the activation of the forearm muscles using electromyography (EMG) measurements, which measure the electrical impulses in the muscle and allow conclusions to be drawn about the degree of muscle activation. In addition, acceleration sensors were attached to the handlebars to record bumps in the trail in the form of vibrations. Grip strength was also measured after each descent. 

Based on the results of the study with our MTB handlebars and the 7OX grips (with different compounds), a new TPE compound was developed for the 7OX Pro grip, which provides more damping and control to further reduce arm pump for all ambitious riders.

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