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News - Christmas Bike Presents

Published on 01.12.2023

Approaching Christmas time, we ask ourselves the same question: "What should I give as a Christmas present?" We believe that a new bike saddle might be just the perfect present for cyclists. So this week we are focusing on this topic.

The first step in choosing the right saddle is measuring the sit bones. The sit bone distance is very individual and therefore the saddle width should be selected accordingly. Only a bicycle saddle of the right width can ensure that the sit bones are in full contact, the pressure is optimally distributed and the perineal area is relieved in both men and women. 

This is how you find the right saddle width:

1. measure the sit bone distance
In a bike shop or at home with the SQlab measuring set

2. determine saddle width 
Sit bone distance + sitting position = individual saddle width. 

3. select saddle
Find the right saddle in up to four different widths for all areas of use

Bicycle saddles for 
Trekking & City 

Maximum comfort on and off the road for medium to long rides. The bicycle saddles with the M-D Line label offer maximum relief in the perineal area for men and women. Especially back-friendly are our models with the unique active switch technology, which relieves the spinal discs and increases comfort.

Saddles for 

A mountain bike saddle needs to be built to cope with a lot. It should be stable enough to resist potential crashes, relieve sensitive parts of the body, provide support when going up steep hills and not get in the way when going downhill. Our MTB bike saddles are reinforced with Kevlar in the stressed areas, offer relief thanks to our well-known stepped saddle shape and provide rearward support on climbs. The models with active technology also relieve the spinal discs. This means the saddle can provide optimum support and nothing stands in the way of riding enjoyment.

Saddles for  
Road & Gravel 

On a road bike you tend to sit very stretched out. It is therefore important to relieve the pressure on the perineal area in order to avoid an energy-sapping protective posture. The SQlab stepped saddle shape enables a defined sitting position and relief with rearward support, which leads to optimum power transmission to the pedals. The active technology offers additional relief for the intervertebral discs and more comfort on long distances. The riding position on a gravel bike is similar to that on a road bike. That's why our gravel saddle has the shape of a road bike model paired with the padding of an MTB saddle. 

Saddles for  

After several years of research and development work, we were able to launch our Kids-Line on the market this year. SQlab ensures an ergonomic position on the bike even for the youngest. As children are known to grow quickly, the saddle widths are somewhat different. We have developed our children's saddles in widths of 9 cm and 11 cm, as a simple rule of thumb has emerged during our research work. The age of the child roughly corresponds to the sit bone distance.

This results in: 9 years and younger = 9 cm saddle width and for children older than 9 years = 11 cm saddle width.


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6 ½ ERGOWAVE® Racing 

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6 ½ ERGOWAVE® Flames

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