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Saddle 602 M-D active 14cm

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Item #: 2292
Sitting Position Moderate/Slightly Bent Forward
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Perfect Fit

The correct width saddle is a prerequisite for  maximum relief. 

Available widths: 14 / 15/ 16 / 17 cm

Maximized Dip

Maximum relief of sensitive areas. The relief of the perineum areas is 80%. 

Raised Level

The high classical step shape in combination with the maximized dip distributes the body weight to the sit bones.

SQlab activ-system

The SQlab technology relieves strain on intervertebral discs and sit bones. The active movement can be adjusted via two comfort sticks.

Approved up to 150 kg 

The M-D Line ist suitable for heavier riders thanks to the firmer active System and the stable CrMo rails. 

Which saddle type are you?

602 M-D active
for more relief

  • Trekking 
  • Short to medium distance 
  • Step shape 
  • Active technology comfort
  • 80 % dam relief 
  • Max. load 150 kg 

602 ERGOLUX® active
for more comfort

  • Trekking 
  • Medium to long distance 
  • Double step
  • Active technology comfort
  • 65 % dam relief 
  • Max. load 130 kg 
Technical specifications at a glance
Width in cm
Area of use
Length (mm)
Weight (g)
Hardness in SQ-shore
Relief of perineal area (%)
Material Rails
Solid CrMo
Material Cover
Material Padding
Trekking Foam
Comfort (adjustable via 2/4 sticks)
max. Weight (kg)
Unisex: Due to the sit bone measurement and the step saddle concept, it is not necessary to differentiate between men and women
Description at a glance

The M-D Line was developed for maximum relief of sensitive areas. A pressure distribution according to medical experts.

The M-D Line stands for Maximized Dip and, in combination with the high classical step shape, distributes the body weight to the sit bones.

For trekking bikes with moderate to upright sitting position. The relief of the perineum area is at vert high 80%, normally sufficient for age-related, enlarged prostate. Talk to your doctor to be on the safe side.

The active system is slightly tighter with the black damper. The active movement can be adjusted via two comfort sticks. 

This and the CrMo struts make the M-D Line also suitable for heavy drivers. If the relief of the perineum area is not so important to you, but the comfort at the sit bones should be maximum, then we recommend the ERGOLUX® series.

✓ TÜV SÜD tested