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News - Comfort on the bike for the high season

Published on 18.07.2023

Longer tours with the trekking bike, the Sunday ride to the bakery or the way to work. With our ergonomic accessories for trekking and city bikes simply be more comfortable when riding.

The right ergonomic product for every area of use.

The crucial thing about the saddle, handlebars and grip is the individually adapted fit. Therefore, our bike saddles and grips are available in different sizes, adapted to the anatomical conditions. Thus, a saddle can only provide optimal relief and support, as well as riding comfort, if it is adapted to the individual sit bone distance. If the saddle is too narrow, there is a risk that important blood and nerve paths will be squeezed, which can cause numbness and an unpleasant feeling when cycling. The same applies to grips and handlebars.

The noticeable advantages of SQlab

+ Maximum comfort

- Minimum pressure

+ Product development according to medical aspects 

+ Ergonomic

+ Personalized fit

Sit bone measurement

The measurement of the individual seat bone distance is a basic requirement when choosing the right saddle at SQlab. Because everyone has a different distance and so that the saddle fits individually, this must first be determined.  This can be done easily either at home with our measuring set or in a specialist shop.

Decisive for the right choice of saddle is the individual sit bone distance, the sitting position on the bike and the duration of the ride. The individual saddle width can be derived from the sit bone distance and the respective sitting position. This guarantees that the sit bones rest fully on the saddle and relieve the perineal area. We have developed ergonomic saddle concepts based on anatomical aspects, which are adapted to the various areas of use. The step saddle concept, for example, distributes the body weight to the sit bones according to medical principles. The saddle nose is lower in level and relieves the sensitive areas of both men and women. The differences in anatomy are covered by the different saddle widths.

Bike saddles Trekking and City Comfort

Range of use trekking

The M-D Line stands for maximum relief of sensitive areas and so the 602 M-D® active 2.1 offers the optimum pressure distribution according to medical criteria for trekking and touring bikes. The relief of the perineal area is very high at 80% and is normally also sufficient for e.g. age-related, enlarged prostate. Your doctor can advise you additionally in this regard.

A bestseller of the SQlab product line with newly developed, adjustable active technology. The spinal discs remain in motion and are noticeably relieved. Also new are integrated threads for the tethering option of bags. The new 602 ERGOLUX® active 2.1 offers even more comfort with the same relief and a narrower saddle nose for more legroom.


M-D active for more relief

ERGOLUX® active for more comfort

Range of use City Comfort

The M-D Line was developed for maximum relief of sensitive areas. A pressure distribution according to medical criteria. M-D stands for maximized dip and, in combination with the high classic step shape, distributes the body weight on the sit bones. 80 % perineal relief . Max. Load 150 kg 
The two-stage ERGOLUX® shape provides a balanced distribution of pressure between the sit bones and perineal area. The pressure on the sit bones is distributed over a very large area due to the wave shape. The difference in height between the sit-bone support and perineal area is less than with the M-D Line, which is consistently designed to provide relief. 85 % perineal relief. Max. Load 150 kg

The natural pelvic movement.
Transferred to cycling.

With the new evolutionary stage of active Comfort technology, the horizontal movement of the saddle when pedaling is even smoother and more natural.
Using the new switch function, can be selected between the standard active movement and the High active movement in just one turn.
Background of this technology are the anatomical conditions of the human pelvis. When walking, the pelvis is tilted with every step, to which the spine reacts with a movement to the opposite side. This movement is called pelvic rocking.
To protect and relieve the spinal discs and facet joints, this natural, physiological pelvic movement should be maintained when cycling.

Bike handlebars trekking and city comfort

3 handlebars - 3 areas of application



MTB Tour & Travel

Tension in the shoulder and neck area when riding a bike?

Our handlebars are designed for a protective, ergonomic & at the same time riding dynamics optimal posture on the bike. SQlab bicycle handlebars offer a sophisticated bend for the trekking and city bike and thus ensure a straight transition from the forearm to the hand. 
But first and foremost is safety. Our handlebars of course meet the DIN standard and much more. .  

Cause - Handlebar without downsweep
can lead to tension in the shoulder and neck muscles.

Solution - Handlebar with downsweep
for a relaxed and close to the body posture of the elbows.

In an upright sitting position on a trekking or city bike, it is important to relax the shoulder and neck muscles to prevent discomfort. This is because if a handlebar has too little downward bend (downsweep), it forces the hands to rotate inward, which results in the elbows moving outward and the shoulders being pulled toward the head. This unnatural posture can cause the shoulder and neck muscles to become very tense and painful.

To avoid these problems and relax the muscle chain, the goal should be to get the "shoulders away from the ears." A handlebar with more "downsweep" can help achieve this. The "downsweep" in combination with the "backsweep" (bending backwards) provides a natural hand position and an elbow position close to the body. This natural posture lowers the shoulders and the muscles in the neck get better blood circulation and relax due to a looser position.

Bike Grips Trekking and City Comfort

For the application areas Trekking and City / Comfort we have developed bike grips that fit ergonomically perfect to the hand and in addition to comfort also take into account the very important grip safety. The shape of the grips fit perfectly to the angular shape of angled fingers and thus increase the comfort and at the same time the grip safety.
The SQlab relief wing is placed far to the outside to relieve the ulnar nerve. The center of the grips is exposed so that the carpal tunnel is free from pressure and vibration. This allows SQlab bike grips to be held firmly in any situation when necessary and to be ridden loosely when the situation allows it.

The individual fit is also decisive for our grips. Therefore, the required grip size should be determined in advance by hand measurement.

The combination of grip safety and comfort. The preferred area of use is the comfort-oriented mountain bike or the sporty trekking bike.

The comfort grip provides maximum contact surface, support and comfort. The extra large wing supports the wrist and distributes the pressure pleasantly and evenly due to the very large contact surface.

The future of gripping. The neck muscles relax, the typical pressure loads on the hand disappear and even the pedaling motion of the legs feels more efficient and easier.

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