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News - gifts for trekking and city biker

Published on 01.12.2022

Christmas gifts should be meaningful, have a personal touch & give pleasure to the gifted for a long time. Who wants to give a gift to a passionate cyclist, could consider a saddle. If all the important criteria are taken into account and the saddle is selected to fit the area of use and individual sizes, the saddle becomes an individual, durable & comfortable gift that takes into account the ergonomics and gives pleasure again with every ride. 

What should be considered when choosing a saddle?

Decisive for the right choice of saddle is the individual sit bone distance, the sitting position on the bike and the duration of the ride.

The individual saddle width can be determined from the sit bone distance and the respective sitting position. This guarantees that the sit bones rest fully on the saddle and relieve the perineal area. 

We have developed ergonomic saddle concepts based on anatomical aspects, which are adapted to the various areas of use. The step saddle concept, for example, distributes the body weight to the sit bones according to medical principles.

The saddle nose is lower in level and relieves the sensitive areas of both men and women.

The differences in anatomy are covered by the different saddle widths. 

The SQlab product concepts

The sit bone width can be determined at a SQlab dealer or comfortably at home with our measurement set, which can be ordered free of charge in our shop. 

SQlab Family & Friends measuring set

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Trekking & City saddles

More space less pressure! The SQlab step saddle system creates more space for the sensitive areas due to the lowered saddle nose - for men and women alike. SQlab bicycle saddles for trekking & city use are the most successful in tests by German trade magazines. 

The perfect fit through the SQlab saddle width system and the excellent pressure distribution, provide the best comfort. In particular, the back-friendly active technology and the relatively tight padding, provide in combination for maximum comfortable rides and optimal pressure distribution according to medical aspects.

All SQlab Trekking saddles

All SQlab City saddles

Which saddle type are you?

M-D active stands for
maximum relief.

ERGOLUX® active stands for 
maximum comfort.

The M-D Line was developed for maximum relief of sensitive areas. A pressure distribution according to medical criteria. M-D stands for maximized dip and, in combination with the high classic step shape, distributes the body weight on the sit bones. The relief of the 610 M-D active is 82%. 

The two-step ERGOLUX® shape provides a balanced distribution of pressure between the sit bones and perineal area. The pressure on the sit bones is distributed over a very large area due to the wave shape. The difference in height between the sit bones and the perineal area is less than with the M-D Line, which is consistently designed for relief.
The 610 ERGOLUX® active 2.1 provides 70% relief.

SQlab active comfort technology 

The SQlab active saddle technology enables a physiological co-movement of the pelvis. Spinal discs and facet joints can thus be relieved. The lateral movement can be adjusted to the weight via two comfort sticks. 

The 602 M-D active is suitable for trekking bikes with a moderate to upright sitting position. The relief of the perineal area is very large with 80% and usually also sufficient for e.g. age-related, enlarged prostate.

Made in Germany. Consisting of the BASF Infinergy® material, it offers many advantages in terms of comfort, cushioning and back-friendliness. Especially on long tours, off the road, the Infinergy® material, due to its fast recovery, raises the comfort to a new level. 

The proven City & Comfort saddle. Due to the large contact surface of the double wave, the sit bones sink less deeply.

Trekking & City grips

Give the gift of safety for Christmas.

For the areas of use Trekking and City / Comfort we have developed bicycle grips that fit ergonomically perfect to the hand and in addition to comfort also take into account the very important grip safety. 

The shape of the grips fit perfectly to the angular shape of angled fingers and thus increase the comfort and at the same time the grip safety. 

SQlab grip size measurement

SQlab grip ergonomics comfort grips 

The SQlab relief wing is placed far out to relieve the ulnar nerve. The middle of the grips is exposed so that the carpal tunnel is free from pressure and vibration. This allows SQlab bicycle grips to be held firmly in any situation when necessary and to be ridden loosely when the situation allows. 

The combination of grip safety and comfort. The preferred area of use is the comfort-oriented mountainbike or the sporty trekking bike.

The comfort grip provides maximum contact surface, support and comfort. The extra large wing supports the wrist and distributes the pressure pleasantly and evenly due to the very large contact surface.

The future of gripping. The neck muscles relax, the typical pressure loads on the hand disappear and even the pedaling motion of the legs feels more efficient and easier.

Comfort Upgrade

Existing 710 and 702 grips can be easily upgraded with Innerbarends® 410/402. 

Trekking & City handlebars

Our handlebars are designed to provide a protective, ergonomic & at the same optimal riding dynamic posture on the bike. SQlab bicycle handlebars offer a sophisticated bend for the trekking and city bike and thus ensure a straight transition from the forearm to the hand. 

But first and foremost is safety. Our handlebars of course meet the DIN standard and much more.  

SQlab ergonomics

The 310 3.0 handlebar is made for the comfort-oriented mountain bike that is only used for touring and in light terrain, as well as for urban and fitness bikes.

The handlebar height (Rise) provides a more upright sitting position on the trekking bike and at the same time the downsweep provides relaxation for neck and shoulders.

The city handlebar that survives every curb. The 321 is for anyone who prefers a very upright sitting position on a city bike. 

Functional clothing for Trekking & City Riders

You can bring a lot of joy at Christmas with clothing that is carefully designed and optimized for cycling.

Especially in winter, a good-fitting pants, jersey or gloves is worth a lot.

For our gloves we have specially developed a size concept that also takes into account the hand width.

SQlab glove size determination

The heart of a pair of cycling shorts is the padding.
A soft pad has little or no effect on sitting comfort, as the sit bones either "sit through" or sink in and deeper-lying, as well as sensitive tissue such as muscle and tendon insertions are irritated. 

The SQ Pad10, which is sewn into our MTB and trekking pants, has a thin layer of orthopedic TPE gel.  

The slight but constant movement of the pelvis on the saddle, caused by the pedaling motion often provides painful shear forces on the bone lining. The TPE gel can absorb and compensate these shear forces.

The SQ-Pad10 is only a maximum of 8 mm thick and initially feels exceptionally firm and high quality.

It retains its shape over medium and long distances and is not, like many high, soft pads, uncomfortably pushed inward during the pedaling motion. The SQ-Short ONE10 & ONE11 provide the perfect comfort, are invisible and optimal for underneath.

SQlab product concepts pads

for over

"One-for-everything" The bike-optimized cut, convinces not only on bike tours of any kind and on the Mountainbike, but also for all other sports or in everyday life

Practical windbreaker with hood that finds space in any backpack. The elastic hem of the jacket provides a comfortable fit without slipping.

Der Handschuh für jedes Wetter, mit integrierten Regencover. Für optimale Passform sorgt das Größenkonzept.

for under

The popular SQlab underpants for an upright sitting position is now also available as a women's version. For this we have adapted the cut to the female body shape. Invisible and perfect for underneath. 

Underpants for an upright sitting position. Invisible and perfect for underneath. Available for men & women.

The socks are made of merino wool, which is the favorite material of sports and outdoor enthusiasts. The natural fiber is soft, breathable, warms in winter and cools in summer.

Little things for more comfort on the trekking & city bike

Pedals, INNERBARENDS® or insoles.

By changing one small part on your bike, you can make a big, positive difference. Perfect for that little Christmas gift.

The perfect solution for relieving the strain on muscle groups in the arms, shoulders and back by changing the position of the arms on the bike, especially on long distances. 

City pedals available in four different lengths. Conventional pedals force the feet into an almost parallel foot position. The extended axis of the SQlab 521 City Pedal allows a physiologically more natural foot position.

We bring the power back to the pedal and the foot in the right position. Power saving, rounder step and healthy arches make the SQlab insoles a must for every foot in cycling shoes! Suitable for all cycling shoes, but also for normal shoes used for cycling and other uses.

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