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News - Christmas presents for cyclists

Published on 08.12.2023

In addition to bike saddles, handlebars, grips, gloves and not forgetting the Innerbarends® are of course a useful and meaningful gift for the cyclists in the family. We have summarized our gift ideas here. 

The first step in selecting the correct grip is to determine the width of the hand. The width is crucial for comfort and safety. The ideal grip width ensures a full reach around the handlebar grip, allowing you to benefit optimally from the ergonomic advantages. These include the even distribution of pressure, the relief of nerve tracts and the promotion of blood circulation, which in turn counteracts tingling fingers and hands that fall asleep.

Determine the grip width with our template:

Step 1:
Place your hand on the illustration and place your middle finger at the level of the arrow. Spread your thumb slightly apart.

Step 2:
Mark the crook of the thumb with a pen.

Step 3:
Check the size and select the grip.

Gloves for 
every area of use

Gloves that protect against the cold and wet are of course suitable as a Christmas present, but styles for summer can also be a nice gift.
SQ-Gloves ONE10, the glove for all weathers. A waterproof, flexible palm provides reliable protection in the cold. The rain cover, which is otherwise hidden on the wrist, can be pulled over the fingers in the rain. 
SQ-Gloves ONE11 the Formula 1 among gloves. With outwardly positioned seams to prevent slipping under the fingernails and the perfect material for the palm for a direct feel to the grips and handlebars.
SQ-Gloves ONE OX, again using only the best materials. A glove that you can hardly feel. The material and finish offer the best mix of comfort and aesthetics.

Bike cockpit for  
Trekking & City 

If you want to put a slightly larger present under the Christmas tree, we can recommend a new handlebar. The sitting position on trekking and city bikes is comparatively upright. In order to avoid falling into the same posture as often occurs at a desk, namely with raised shoulders, which tenses the neck muscles, the ergonomics of our trekking and city handlebars are adapted to bring the "shoulders away from the ears". The "downsweep" - the downward bend of our handlebars - allows the shoulders to lower and the muscles to relax. Paired with the "backsweep" - the backward bend that relieves the wrists and positions the elbows towards the body - a comfortable riding position is guaranteed.

As one of the most important points of contact with the bike, the hand can become a problem area under certain circumstances. If the grip is not mounted in the optimum size, nerve pathways and the blood supply to the hand can be disrupted, which can lead to tingling and numb fingers. The 702 and 710 grips are designed for the upright sitting position on trekking and city bikes and, thanks to their optimally positioned relief wings, keep the nerve tracts free and provide a large contact surface for a relaxed and comfortable sitting position. 

Small gift with a big impact. The Innerbarends® are a comfortable and varied way to round off the cockpit. They can be easily combined with the 710 and 702 grips and enable a different grip position on the inside of the handlebars, which can provide additional relief for the shoulder and neck muscles and allow you to reach the brakes quickly at any time.

Bike cockpit for  

For Mountainbikers, we also have the right handlebars that look great under the Christmas tree. A Mountainbike handlebar should allow a dynamic riding position that easily handles waves, steps, roots and similar, while at the same time ensuring a natural hand position. Our handlebars for MTBs are available in various versions. The carbon models 3OX and 311 FL-X are designed with a unique carbon fiber layup that makes them extremely rigid on the one hand and allows the desired material flex on the other. For ergonomics, our handlebars are designed with a downsweep to ensure a natural transition from the hand to the forearm. The individual cockpit height can be controlled via the rise.

The choice between different options makes it possible to dynamically adjust your position on the bike. All our handlebars have passed the Zedler End of Life Test with ease.

Grips are one perfect Christmas present for cyclists. The 711 2.0 and 7OX are ideal for MTB use. The grips are raised outwards to create a natural hand position, while the angular shape means the grip sits perfectly in the hand and offers maximum grip and comfort.


Small but "hoho". On a Mountainbike, the Innerbarends® can be a simple solution for changing the hand position. They allow you to reach inwards and create a more aerodynamic riding position that relieves pressure on the shoulders and neck and save important watts.

Bike cockpit for  
Road & Gravel Bikes

The 314 Gravel handlebar has a 25 mm rise, which enables a comfortable riding position. The 14° flare gives the handlebars control in technical terrain. The handlebars are constructed without the flare affecting the position of the brake lever, i.e. unlike standard handlebars on the market, it starts below the brake levers. In terms of ergonomics, we rely on a 10° front sweep, which decreases towards the end of the handlebars and thus enables perfect ergonomics.

The ergonomic lightweight. Perfect ergonomics for all ambitious road cyclists. All contact surfaces are optimized down to the last detail (also applies to handlebar 314): Ergobar: wave-shaped elevation on the underside. It perfectly reproduces the shape of the fingers and provides security. Maximized contact surface: The fingers can grip the handlebars securely and provide support at the same time. Secure grip: The combination of contact surface and freedom of movement ensures optimum pressure distribution. Angular and flat: The grip on the lower handlebars is also comfortable to grip thanks to the flattened outer side and at the same time ensures a secure hold in various riding positions.

Bike cockpit for  
the young generation

Nephews and nieces, grandchildren and, of course, your own kids are usually given rich presents at Christmas. The products in our new Kids-Line are sure to make children's eyes light up. The new handlebar 3 ½ completes the SQlab Kids-Line. The ergonomics of our Kids Line are perfectly adapted to the anatomy of children. The handlebars have a reinforced backsweep for a straight transition from the forearm to the hand and a raised rise for a more upright riding position. This offers comfort and better control off-road and in everyday situations.

The grips for children offer the same ergonomic advantages as all our models for adults. Here you will find the Ergobar, which provides a secure grip, as well as the diamond structure for grip in all weather conditions. Note: The children's handlebars are compatible with the SQlab 7 ½ and SDG grips.

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