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News - Numb and falling asleep fingers while cycling? 

Published on 12.04.2022

The sun is shining, spring is here - finally cycling again! But after a short time the fingers start to tingle and become numb. So that this does not happen, all SQlab grips are based on concepts that have emerged from scientific studies and thus ensure the right hand ergonomics.

Our tips: The perfect fit of a bicycle grip is crucial for comfort and grip safety. A wing placed as far out as possible relieves the carpal tunnel and a maximized contact surface ensures an even distribution of pressure. 

How to determine your grip width?


Place your hand on the image and place your middle finger at the height of the arrow

Step 2

Spread thumb slightly 


 Mark the crook of the thumb with a pencil

Step 4

Read size 

We recommend the determination of the grip size and the purchase of ergonomic products from specialist retailers. Our dealers are trained and have a lot of experience in ergonomics. All ergonomics partners on our dealer search offer the SQlab sit bone measurement, the SQlab grip width determination and much more. Dealer locator 

What helps against tingling and numbness in the fingers when cycling? 

Before you find the solution, you need to know the cause. Thus, it is crucial to know which fingers fall asleep when you ride a bike. 

in the ring finger and little finger

are caused by too much pressure on the outside of the hand. To reduce the pressure on the outside of the hand, we at SQlab have made the contact surface as large as possible. Here, the handle was flattened at the top and pulled so far forward and backward that depending on the area of use, the surface is maximally large. 

Numbness in the index, middle finger and thumb

suggest a strain on the carpal tunnel. The cause is excessive pressure on the carpal tunnel outlet, often caused by relief wings that relieve the ulnar nerve but, under unfavorable circumstances, strain the median nerve. Relief of the carpal tunnel in particular of the carpal tunnel outlet is not self-evident with ergonomic grips. 

The relief wing must be placed as far out as possible to keep the carpal tunnel outlet largely free and reduce pressure. Even slight, but constantly recurring pressure over a long period of time can lead to problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition, the placement of the relief wing far to the outside improves grip safety, especially when supporting the patient forward. 

Neck and shoulder discomfort? 

Who does not know it, the desire to change the grip position during longer rides on the bike. Just relax your hands, bring them into a different position and that too without an awkward bending of the wrists. The Innerbarends® do this through an additional aerodynamic elbow position, close to the body. The Innerbarends® have no fixed area of application, so they are suitable for mountain biking, trekking and city biking. 

> Read more Innerbarends®

The right grip for every application

Trekking & City grips

For comfort seekers, we recommend the 702 grip with maximum bearing surface and support. Our best-selling 710 grip is the optimal combination of support surface and freedom of movement. For neck and shoulder relief, we recommend combining grips with our Innerbarends®. 

Mountainbike grips

Griffer ergonomics for the long haul offers the 711 Tech & Trail which convinces with its fit, damping and comfort. The counterpart for racers is the 711 R grip - ergonomic and lightweight. Team rider Fabio Wibmer relies on the 7OX Gravity & E-Performance grip, which provides more volume and damping thanks to its intelligent shape. 


SQlab grips have not only been voted test winners in relevant trade magazines several times, but the 702, 710 and 711 grips have also been certified for "Best Ergonomics" with the VSF seal.

"SQlab's shape and size concept offers an outstanding selection of different grips for every application. The ergonomic shape effectively supports the hands, while the unusual grip edge provides "grip" and more riding safety. All models are available in three sizes, which differ in diameter, length and shape." VSF

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